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Some say IMITATION is the most sincere form of flattery, but I say it's Laziness and the lack of originality!

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Cohran Auction Services

These photos are just a few of the thousands of items in our revolving inventory. If you're looking for something in particular contact us. Our Fleatique treasures consist of, but are not limited to a constantly revolving inventory of: Antiques, Collectibles, Furniture, Vintage Items, Estate Jewelry, Glassware, Depression Pieces, Primitives, Pottery, Appliances, Home Décor, Decorative Art, Advertising Memorabilia, Toys, Books, New Items, Used Items and More

Too many items to show in our Gallery, so please contact us to email you photos of items you are seeking.

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Why Use Auction Method

Sell Items At Desired Time.
Gives The Sale Individuality.
Arouses Enthusiasms.
Risk Is Reduced To A Minimum.
Owner Sets No Price Ceiling.
It Is The Modern Plan Of Selling
Highest Price Can Be Secured.
Natural To Want What Others Desire.
Auction Advertising Is More Effective and Touches More Markets

Auction House ~ Antique Fleatique Galleria

Come visit our 6,000 square foot, climate controlled enviroment with comfortable seating. Refreshments available.

We are a growing, family-owned business with over 20 years of combined experience in professional sales and customer service!

We have established our business by taking pride in quality products with a valued, personal touch and can safely liquidate your assets.

Check out:

  • Our services page to see what our business can do for you in maximizing your return on personal and real property.
  • Our news page for upcoming auctions and events.

No sale too big or too small, whether it is items from an Estate or a complete Business Liquidation. We will work with you on Consigining items with us.

We look forward to planning your auction and accomplishing mutual goals!




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Visit our store Cohran Galleria

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